Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I choose Deluge instead of Transmission

After my "Fedora 16: Installation notes (Part 2)" post I received this comment with several questions. In this post I'll try to answer on the last question: "What are the benefits to use Deluge over Transmission?".

In my first version of Fedora 10 Transmission didn't work properly, so I found a working application with a handy GUI. It was Deluge. As it was my first familiarity with linux, Deluge was an excellent decission.

What about its benefits over Transmission? In my point of view, Deluge has more convenient GUI than Transmission, and for the most users it is a key factor. Nevertheless, I made some search and found the following pros/cons:

Deluge pros:

1. Clear, nicely designed GUI.
2. Has a good plugins system.
3. Great transfer speed.
4. Complete configuration menu.

Deluge cons:

1. The handling of the BT protocol isn't developed by the Deluge team, they are using libbittorrent which is written by others thus making them dependent on them.
2. The pre-compiled package is very large compared to other clients.

Transmission pros:

1. Written entirely in C++ which makes it fast (both the GUI and the core).
2. Very light on resources.
3. The pre-compiled package is about 238 KB only.

Transmission cons:

1. Has unhandy GUI.
2. torrent info isn't enough.

P.S. Thanks to Roman Ivanov for the question.


  1. You might try which is a uTorrent-like frontend to Transmission written in C++

  2. Thanks! I haven't heard about such frontend. I will try it.

  3. Unfortunately, I couldn't install this application. I use Fedora i386, but the application requires x86_64 architecture. I emailed the project owner, he said, that there's really no ready version for x86_32 architecture and there's only one way to install it on my system - download Fedora source rpm and build it manually.

  4. Nice feature separation, I use to play with torrent process and fancy GUI, right now I just download files by means of it - I do not care about UI. I need only button "Add" "Pause" "Delete" all other is for geeks that look at downloading process like at ants behind the glass :).

  5. And Delude is hungry for memory :)