Monday, November 21, 2011

gnome-shell extension: move Skype indicator to the top panel

Moving Skype indicator from system tray to the top panel:

0. $ cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

1. $ mkdir

2. $ cd

3. Create file 'metadata.json' with this content:

     "description": "Integrates Skype Client into the status bar",
": "Skype Status Icon", 
  "shell-version": [ "3.0.2", "3.2", "3.4" ],
  "uuid": "",
  "version": 2.0

4. Create file 'extension.js' with this content:

// Creates a system status notification icon for skype
const StatusIconDispatcher = imports.ui.statusIconDispatcher;

function enable() {
    StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['skype'] = 'skype';

function disable() {
    StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['skype'] = '';

// gnome-shell extension entry point
function init() {

5. Type 'r' in Alt+F2 prompt to restart Gnome shell

6. Install gnome-tweak-tool:

$ su -c "yum install gnome-tweak-tool"

7. Press Alt+F2 and type in 'gnome-tweak-tool'

8. Choose 'Shell Extensions' and switch on 'Skype Status Icon Extension':

9. Type 'r' in Alt+F2 prompt to restart Gnome shell

You can also download this extension from here: skype_to_status_bar_v2.0.tar.gz


  1. Could you update the extension for gnome 3.4 and upload it to

    1. I've updated this extension for gnome 3.4. Now it works fine.

      You can also download it from here and extract into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions.

      What about, I submitted the extension. It will be reviewed.

  2. Very Nice solution. Many Thanks.

  3. Thank you for making this awesome and wonderful works of yours!!keep it up!

  4. Wow, so intuitive... Gnome is going to win the hearts of millions, I'm sure...

  5. any chances to change skype's icon? green on dark gnomes panel looks disgusting.

  6. Pefrect, I switched from Unity to Gnome and I'm in love. And now I see getting skype working properly is easier. Go gnome! ;)

  7. nice tutorial, I could replicate it for Copy and deluge, but it didn't work for everpad... how can I find the other icons names?

    1. I just looked for the icon's name in google. Anyway, you can visit this resource, it has already had lots of ready solutions: