Friday, November 11, 2011

Fedora 16: BIOS Boot Partition problem

The problem that I encountered during Fedora 16 installation was that after rebooting, my computer was hovered on the state of initializing the hardware. I even couldn't enter the BIOS. I turned off the computer and disconnected  the hard disk on which new Fedora had been installed.

Now I was able to manipulate the BIOS settings. I set my flash with Fedora 16 as a first bootable device and started up the installation process again. I connected my hard disk and tried to re-install the system again. When I was creating new partitions I noticed the new one I had never seen before in previous versions of Fedora. It was BIOS Boot Partition.

Then I found out that my problem was that I hadn't created this partition which was required only 2 Mb of physical memory! I allocated the required memory for it and after installation, Fedora was successfully loaded.

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