Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I choose Linux...

There are a lot of debates about Windows and Linux. What is the best OS? Which one to use?...I won't answer these questions, because every person should make decisions on his own. I'll only share my experience in using both of these systems.

Two years ago I even couldn't imagine my life without Windows. At that time I, probably, knew nothing about Linux, except the word :) It was usually for me to re-install my system after a regular virus or this 'magic' blue screen...

One day my friend told me about new Fedora 10 (one of Linux distributive), which he had installed and used for a few days. I was excited about his words, so, I quickly installed it without problems as there were lots of information about this process in the Internet. First, I was confused not to find 'Start' button in the bottom panel, but in a few minutes I dived into exciting world of Linux...

After several month I removed Windows from my computer, because I didn't use it at all. Linux gave me all, that I was needed. No, I'm not saying, that migration was fast and easy, but it was worth it!!

After 2 years usage, I can say, that Linux taught me think about the problems, taught me resolve them, taught me not to click blankly on GUI buttons, but with knowing what I am doing. From my experience I can say, that there's nothing too hard in learning Linux. On the first steps the only you need is to find out how to look for needed information, how to use built-in help, different howto's and so on.

Now you have a choice:
- to pay your money for Windows and pray that the system worked well, otherwise the user will be unarmed (I don't even say about such universal things like reboot or more radical - system re-installation) on the one hand;
- or much faster, more reliable and usable Linux system on the other.

Good luck!! :)

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